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We operate one of the highest ranked reverse mortgage websites in the US through our high ranking search engine optimization efforts.

Don't take our word, head over to Google/Yahoo/Bing, search for a 'reverse mortgage quote' and look for our website Click Quote Save. 

We usually rank in the #1 position for seniors looking for a reverse mortgage quote (right below the ads). Do you think that a senior homeowner who is looking up that term is interested? You bet!

This is a high intent keyword. Consumers who find us want not only a quote from you but they want a reverse mortgage loan. The only real question is can you close?

Not to mention we have other websites with other high keyword rankings and the most important point here is that seniors come to us for quotes.

Keep in mind that to replicate the above you are competing against companies that make hundreds of millions in revenues and have dedicated reverse mortgage marketing teams. We have over 6+ yr online marketing experience and over $500K invested into our platform. 

We measure our success by client feedback (see the link at the top of our website for actual reverse leads clients testimonials), by our leads conversion rates into deals, and by renewal rates (right now 95%+ of our clients renew). 

NOT to mention if you receive a bad lead (it happens unfortunately) we will replace it. We believe a real time internet lead should be a workable deal! Our system does a great job of validating the consumers information in real time. Validating ph#, address, and even IP address. Please rest assured you will never ever pay for a bad lead with us. 

What sets us apart from other lead companies is that we are the direct source of leads. We never ever buy leads from other lead companies. All of our leads are generated in-house. Also we don't engage with any sort of deceptive marketing and or incentivize based marketing ever! 

Our main source of leads are search engine and specifically through our ability as marketers to rank organically. 

We have the highest quality leads since consumers come to us requesting quotes. There may be larger lead companies who can generate more leads than us but they also sell a lead over ten times versus our three sell max. The larger the lead company the more times they have to sell a lead in order to cover their CEO million dollars salary. Don't get fooled into buying their leads, we are a small boutique family owned firm, that has a direct source of reverse leads.

We know consumers who are serious comparison shop these deals and by us selling selling the leads to a max of three lenders we can capture more of our advertising money back faster to generate the next lead. As long as consumer's are choosing lenders in our network it's a win win win. You really don't need that many closings for you to make 10-20X ROI on your lead spend. 

Watch out for lead providers who are violating the law in order to generate your leads. By AWR focusing solely on inbound leads we are compliant with any and all laws. We even have a NMLS # (we don't do loans) just to be compliant with generating web leads.

Also please note that we don't sell our leads to other lead companies. We don't sell our leads to any organization besides licensed LOs lenders. 

Our live transfer leads have some of the highest closing rates in the industry. We not only generate these leads online, then pass them through our FL call center, to only connect you to the most qualified/interested HECM reverse prospects. We hardly ever have any returns with this lead type and we guarantee 100% contact rate. This lead type works well for large branches that are set up to receive incoming live calls. 

If your serious about growing your reverse mortgage business feel free to give us a call at (888) 297-1441.